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OEM NIBP Technologies

SunTech Medical® is the global leader in providing OEM non-invasive blood pressure (OEM NIBP) monitoring solutions across a variety of clinical applications. Start by learning about the range of solutions that may apply to your medical device in our clinical applications section below. Browse our OEM Partners or view a list of available NIBP Modules to choose which technology will meet your medical device need.

Clinical Applications

  • Standard Clinical Open or Close

    Advantage SMT

    Whether it’s a routine checkup, a visit to the emergency room or an inpatient hospital stay – BP measurements are critical in helping clinicians diagnose and treat hypertension.

    Our Advantage SMT (Standard Motion Tolerance) is designed for most clinical monitoring applications. Currently used in many multi-parameter and ambulatory monitors, this technology delivers the proven clinical accuracy and patient motion-tolerance that you can trust in any situation.

    Our Advantage SMT module has been validated across a broad range of the population from neonates to adults and is used in a wide variety of applications, including:

    • patient monitoring: at the bedside, in an MRI scanner or ambulatory situations
    • cardiovascular assessment: measurement of central blood pressure, arterial compliance or cardiac output
    • cardiorespiratory assessment: during ventilation or respiratory therapy

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    Picture of the Masimo Root which uses SunTech Technology
  • EMS Open or Close

    Advantage TMT & Advantage RMT

    In an emergency situation, clinicians make split-second decisions regarding patient treatment. They rely on timely and accurate information, and a big part of that is having a patient's exact blood pressure measurement. An ambulance is rarely an ideal environment for accurate measurement, but the Advantage TMT (Transport Motion Tolerance) technology overcomes these environmental challenges to deliver reliable, accurate BP measurement when time and precision are of the essence.

    Beyond that, the Advantage RMT (R-wave Motion Tolerance) technology is the solution you want when clinicians need to attach EKG leads to a patient, taking blood pressure measurement and EMS care to another level.

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    EMS Responders
  • Hemodialysis Open or Close

    Advantage HDM

    For those with kidney failure, hemodialysis brings normalcy to daily life. By researching characteristics and complications unique to hemodialysis monitoring, we are able to provide reliable NIBP for renal disease patients even in the presence of changing blood volumes and compromised physiologies.

    To help guide treatment, clinicians measure blood pressure before, during and after the procedure. Advantage™ HDM (Hemodialysis Monitoring) - validated specifically for patients undergoing dialysis - allows for safe, reliable monitoring when it matters most.

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    Hemodialysis Machine next to a hospital bed.
  • Veterinary Open or Close

    Advantage VET

    For a growing number of people, pets have become an extension of their family. Just as blood pressure is important to monitor in people, this holds true for our furry companions. Advantage VET (Veterinary Monitoring) has been developed and validated for use with cats and dogs, assuring a simpler assessment process for veterinarians and their staff.

    While other NIBP providers apply their human technologies to the veterinary market, we developed an automated NIBP technology in cooperation with a leading veterinary medical school specifically for the veterinary healthcare industry.

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    Veterinarian examining a yellow lab.
  • Kiosk Open or Close

    Advantage KSK

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution in this world. That certainly holds true for kiosk health stations that often use a unique blood pressure cuff and special enhancements to meet the requirements for being a public-use device.

    We have been supplying kiosk-specific, clinical-grade NIBP solutions to the health kiosk market for more than 10 years. Our Advantage KSK (Kisok) technology is used in health kiosks throughout the world.

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    Picture of the Higi Kiosk which uses SunTech Technology
  • Other Applications Open or Close

    We’ve run the gamut for blood pressure measurement application environments - from the pinnacle of Mount Everest to NASA Space Expeditions. We also specially design our solutions for more down to Earth applications addressed in everyday clinical environments and emergency transport. We can apply our expertise to your specific requirements. Let us know how we can help you.

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    Astronaut in space


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