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Vet30 in the Wild Series: Cheetahs


By Dr Fabiola Quesada, DVM MsD MRCVS


Co-Founder & Executive Director Wild Spirit Fund

CEO Wild Spirit



Dr. Fabiola Quesada, DVM MsD MRCVS, is the Co-Founder & Executive Director at the Wild Spirit Fund. Wild Spirit Fund is a non-profit organization, born out of a decade of work in Africa and led by an international network of wildlife professionals, scientists, and veterinarians. Based in South Africa, their mission is to ensure the health and protection of wildlife in the natural ecosystem in which they live.

Wild Spirit Fund is based on the scientific movements of "Wildlife Conservation Medicine" and "One Health"; the former aims to identify the impact of the human footprint on the natural ecosystem; both assume the intimate correlation between the health of ecosystems, animals, and humans.

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Preventing Medical Mishaps: Understanding the Importance of ISO 80369-5

Patient with IV

Medical device manufacturers are subject to many rigorous safety standards to ensure that patient’s lives are not endangered due to equipment related errors. One of these standards, ISO 80369-5, establishes a general framework and guidance for small-bore connectors intended for use in healthcare applications, promoting patient safety by reducing the risk of misconnections between different delivery systems.

ISO 80369-5 is a section of the ISO 80369 series of international standards titled “Small-bore connectors for liquids and gases in healthcare applications” which specifically applies to limb cuff applications. “Small-bore” refers to the size of the opening of the connector, in this case less than 8.5 mm. This article delves into the relevance of ISO 80369-5, its impact, and the steps medical device companies are taking to adhere to this standard.

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The Benefits of Ambulatory BP Monitoring ABPM


The SunTech team would like to remind you about the importance of keeping a healthy heart 365 days of the year. Our 24hr ambulatory BP technology continually helps detect high blood pressure in a remote setting, allowing for patients to stay comfortable at home and for physicians to ensure test accuracy outside of a clinical setting.

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Walk for Life

In an effort to support widespread, life-saving initiatives, our SunTech family recently participated in the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Heart Walk. The heart walk is a 30-yr old, national event that serves as the AHA’s primary source for funding. Specifically, companies and individuals from around the country are encouraged to both participate in and fundraise for their local heart walk to help combat the No. 1 and No. 5 killers in our country: heart disease and stroke.

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Effortless Cuff Sizing for Vet BP

Vet-Cuff-Index-Range-Marker Use the index and range markers to easily size and measure your patients

Cuff sizing should be easy, unlike the familiar and sometimes tedious process of wrangling a cat with a measuring tape. That is why at SunTech, we designed our vet cuffs with the users in mind. Our goal is to make your blood pressure measurements simple and effortless.

We understand that our monitors and cuffs are often used by busy veterinarians with patients of varying temperaments. So, to get rid of the hassle and to support accurate measurement techniques, SunTech veterinary cuffs are made with an index indicator and range markers to provide an efficient diagnostic experience.

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Water for Life

WFL-Graphic A woman happily providing clean water to her child

Did you know that 1 in 4 people worldwide don’t have a safe, reliable water source? This heartbreaking statistic highlights the fundamental reason that the SunTech team, along with our parent company Halma and its subsidiaries, have been diligently working to raise resources and funds to help combat the global water crisis. As a part of these efforts, SunTech has held raffles, hosted silent auctions and conducted community-wide cleanup projects to aid us in achieving our goals. Our community is off to a strong start, having raised 78% of our $1,740 goal ($1,370) so far. This is a fantastic feat, and we believe that we can reach our goal with continued dedication and diligent awareness efforts. To donate, please visit our JustGiving page.

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New Look, Same SunTech

PR-Announcement-01 A Deeper Look into the SunTech Rebrand

SunTech Medical recently released a new logo and overall brand refresh. Nothing about this change will impact the high level of service that we strive to provide each and every customer. However, we are sure there are questions about this rebrand and we wanted to help answer them. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions that aren’t answered here.

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Accuracy + Control = Living Longer

WHD_LiveLonger Remember, it is never too late to start building healthy habits!

As patients, we expect our healthcare providers to consistently deliver accurate results that inform us on our health conditions. Yet, we often fail to hold ourselves to that same expected level of accuracy and control while we are caring for our own minds and bodies outside of a clinic.

Why then should accurate and controlled blood pressure monitoring be a priority?

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Control What You Can, When You Can

WHD_Control By working healthy practices into your daily routine, you can gain more control over your hypertension and your overall health.

As international leaders in the field of blood pressure diagnostics, we are familiar the difficulties and concerns related to controlling hypertension. Despite how hard controlling blood pressure can be, it is very important. Being equipped with the knowledge to control your BP can help empower you to take better control of your health. That’s why we, as well as the International Society of Hypertension, have gathered a list of helpful tips and tricks that you can adopt to help yourself decompress and control your blood pressure.

Eight simple suggestions for controlling your blood pressure:

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World Hypertension Day – Accuracy

WHD-Accuracy-H Are you measuring your BP accurately?

Did you know that high blood pressure, or hypertension, is the leading cause of a preventable death worldwide? In fact, over 10 million lives are lost to high blood pressure every year, and tragically, only half of this affected population is aware of the condition’s impact on the quality and longevity of their lives.

If hypertension is infamously fatal, then why is a large portion of the population unaware or mistreated for this condition? A study published in the American Journal of Hypertension suggests that a discrepancy could increase by home blood pressure monitoring devices measuring inaccurately up to 70% of the time, causing many hypertensive individuals to go undiagnosed by clinicians.

Here at SunTech, we take great pride in manufacturing quality blood pressure monitors that enable people globally to accurately measure their blood pressure. To ensure correct measurement techniques, we have compiled a list of factors to consider while you are roll up your sleeves and getting to know your numbers.

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