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Once an Advantage technology has been chosen, SunTech Medical offers a variety of module platforms to seamlessly integrate with your clinical monitor or system. No matter the form factor, usage environment or application, we provide our customers with a flexibility and customization not available from any other OEM NIBP provider.


SunTech's most popular OEM module platform provides a complete solution to quickly integrate with the host system. It is currently used in many multi-parameter monitors, EMS defibrillators, hemodialysis machines and various other clinical monitoring devices. Suitable for nearly all automated NIBP applications with adult, pediatric and neonatal modes.

Picture of the Advantage 2.0 NIBP Module by SunTech Medical
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The highest performance OEM module in the smallest complete package available. SunTech designed the A+ to meet the needs of the most challenging applications. With internal automatic modes, low voltage communication protocols and the lowest power consumption in the industry, A+ provides the solution for the most demanding needs.

Picture of the Advantage A+ NIBP Module by SunTech Medical
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Designed to be functionally equivalent to the 2.0, Mini provides all the features, control and performance customers expect, but in a compact package. With the freedom and flexibility to position the pump and valves elsewhere, Mini is the obvious choice for applications where space is limited.

Picture of the Advantage Mini NIBP Module by SunTech Medical
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The practice of medicine is extending beyond the hospital and other acute care settings to the home where preventive care is practiced in tandem by clinicians and patients. Blood pressure monitoring in home telemedicine applications needs to be as safe, reliable, accurate, and trusted as hospital patient monitors. SunTech® Advantage™ HT offers proven performance trusted in hospitals at an exceptional value appropriate for the home healthcare setting.

Picture of the Advantage HT NIBP Module by SunTech Medical
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