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Complete Product Registration & You Might Just Get A Raise!

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We all see the card that comes with our new gadget, encouraging us to register our product online, and give it a furtive glance. But many times, that gets quickly forgotten or put into the ever-mounting pile of “to dos” that you will get to in your “free time.” Rather than list all of the reasons that product registration is important, here is what I intended to be a clever way of reviewing the benefits of completing this process…



  • If you complete the online product registration, you will be able to verify your warranty.
  • If you verify your warranty, someone will come to you if they think the product is broken.
  • If someone tells you the product is broken, you will know what to do because you get important info about product updates and troubleshooting.
  • If you’ve received important information about product updates and troubleshooting, and you’ve verified your warranty, you will look smarter than everyone else.
  • If you look smarter than everyone else, the boss will notice you.
  • If the boss notices you, he will ask you important questions to test your knowledge.
  • If he asks you important questions to test your knowledge, you will have the answers because you receive frequent updates about new products and industry trends.
  • If you dazzle him with information about new products and industry trends, you might just get a raise!

So, no more excuses! Just click here and register your SunTech Medical product now!



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