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Discover the SunTech Vet40's Flexibility and Advanced Capabilities in Our New Video

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to the SunTech Vet BP lineup: the Vet40. The Vet40 is a surgical vital signs monitor designed for companion and equine patients. The Vet40 features SunTech’s proprietary animal-specific non-invasive blood pressure, temperature, pulse oximetry, electrocardiogram, and optional end-tidal CO2 and respiratory rate capabilities.

Built for the Whole Clinic

Designed for the operating room, the Vet40 features versatile capabilities, extending its use to additionally encompass preoperative and postoperative care. Unlike bulkier surgical monitoring devices, its compact design ensures seamless patient monitoring continuity—before, during, and after procedures. To allow for hands-off continuous monitoring, users will be able to set intervals to automatically monitor and measure systolic and diastolic pressures and heart rate.

Compact and Quiet

The monitor will have a 5-inch touchscreen and rechargeable battery to ensure portability. And when a larger screen is needed, you can easily connect the Vet40 to an external display. In addition to ensuring a small footprint, SunTech also built the Vet40 with a quiet BP pump and the option to turn off or customize alarms and audible indicators to better manage nervous patients. The monitor’s display can be configured to view the parameters that are most important for each patient. Choose between a waveform display, showing ECG, oxygen saturation, and capnography waveforms, a BP trends display, or a display of the numerical values.

Data at your fingertips

In addition to storing the readings, the monitor can store ECG, SpO2, and EtCO2 traces. These traces can be exported to a PC application for review and storage. The readings and traces will be retained, even if the monitor has been powered off.

Check out our new Vet40 video!



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