The SunTech Vet30 includes:

  • Vet30 System Monitor
  • Protective Armour in Flamingo Pink, Peacock Blue, or Treefrog Green
  • Veterinary Blood Pressure Cuffs, Sizes 1-6
  • Patient Hose, 6ft (1.8m)
  • AccuVetTM Temperature Probe
  • Sp02 Y Sensor with Clips
  • AC Adapter

Standard Configurations

DescriptionPart NumberPurchase
Vet30 Monitor with Masimo Sp02, Flamingo Pink Armour 99-0172-00
Vet30 Monitor with Masimo Sp02, Peacock Blue Armour 99-0172-01
Vet30 Monitor with Masimo Sp02, Tree Frog Green Armour 99-0172-02
Vet30 Monitor with AccuVet Sp02, Flamingo Pink Armour 99-0171-00
Vet30 Monitor with AccuVet Sp02, Peacock Blue Armour 99-0171-01
Vet30 Monitor with AccuVet Sp02, Tree Frog Green Armour 99-0171-02

SunTech Veterinary BP Cuffs

DescriptionPart NumberDetailsPurchase
Cuff #1 98-0400-80-VET 3 – 6 cm, white, non-locking, box of 20
Cuff #2 98-0400-81-VET 4 – 8 cm, white, non-locking, box of 20
Cuff #3 98-0400-82-VET 6 – 11 cm, white, non-locking, box of 20
Cuff #4 98-0400-83-VET 7 – 13 cm, white, non-locking, box of 20
Cuff #5 98-0400-84-VET 8 – 15 cm, white, non-locking, box of 20
Cuff #6 98-0400-F1 12 – 19 cm, white, non-locking, box of 20
Cuff #7 98-0400-F3 17 – 25 cm, white, non-locking, box of 20
Patient Hose 91-0028-72 4 ft (1.2m), black
Patient Hose 91-0028-75 6 ft (1.8m), black
Patient Hose 91-0028-76 10 ft (3m), black
Cuffs #1-6 98-0240-00 17 – 25 cm, white, non-locking, pack of 6


DescriptionPart NumberDetailsPurchase
AccuVet Temperature Probe 52-0022-00 6.5ft (2m)
AccuVet Temperature Probe 52-0023-00 9.8ft (3m)


DescriptionPart NumberDetailsPurchase
Masimo M-LNCSTM YI AH Sp02 Sensor w/ 3 clips 52-0024-00 3ft (0.9m)
Masimo M-LNCSTM TF-I AH Sp02 (Transflectance) Sensor 52-0026-00 3ft (0.9m)
Masimo M-LNCSTM Series Patient Cable 52-0012-01 10ft (3m)
Masimo AH Sp02 Replacement Clips 52-0025-00 3 sizes
AccuVet Sp02 Y-Lingual Sensor w/ 2 Clips 52-0019-00 6.5ft (2m)
AccuVet Sp02 Rectal Reflectance Sensor 52-0020-00 5.9ft (2m)
AccuVet Sp02 Extension Cable 52-0021-00 6.5ft (2m)


DescriptionPart NumberDetailsPurchase
A/C Power Adapter 19-0020-00 AC Adapter
Vet30 Armour 39-0195-03 Protective Cover - Flamingo Pink
Vet30 Armour 39-0195-04 Protective Cover - Peacock Blue
Vet30 Armour 39-0195-02 Protective Cover - Tree Frog Green
Battery Replacement 17-0026-00 Lithium-ion Battery Replacement 

Contact us at 1-800-421-8626

Veterinary BP Cuffs 98-0240-00 6 pack of Cuffs Sized #1-6
Vet Carrying Case 45-0010-00 Nylon bag for protection and transport of monitor and accessories Buy Now

Extended Warranty Program

DescriptionPart Number
One Year Extended Warranty 82-0023-00
Three Years Extended Warranty 82-0023-01

Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions

The Extended Warranty can be purchased either:

  • At the time of the original sale
  • Prior to the end of the initial warranty period

General Specifications

Method of Measurement: Oscillometric
Blood Pressure Range:
  • Systolic: 40 – 265mmHg
  • Diastolic: 20 – 200mmHg
  • Mean Arterial Pressure: 27 – 222mmHg
  • Heart Rate: 25 – 300BPM
Dimensions: 6.25” x 5” x 5.25” (15.9cm x 12.7cm x 13.3cm)
Weight: 2.65 lbs (1202 grams) with battery
A/C Power Adapter - Input: 100-240v ~ 47-63Hz 0.48A Max, Output: 5.9V 3A 17.7W Max
  • 2 years on the monitor
  • 1 year on AccuVet accessories
  • 6 months on Masimo accessories
  • 90 days on cuffs/hoses

MasimoTM Technical Specifications

Sp02 Range: 0-100%
Sp02 Accuracy: ±2% when no motion±3% at low perfusion
Pulse Rate Range: 0-239 BPM
Pulse Rate Accuracy: ±3 BPM when no motion

AccuVet Technical Specifications

Temp. Range: 0°C to 50°C
Temp. Accuracy: ±0.1°C plus the temperature sensor tolerance
Temp. Sensor: YSI 400 compatible
Sp02 Range: 0-99% Functional SpO2
Sp02 Accuracy: ±2 at 70 - 99%, less than 70% is unspecified
Pulse Rate Range: 18 to 400 BPM (Beats Per Minute)
Pulse Rate Accuracy: ±2% when no motion, ±3% at low perfusion

Looking for a complete list of Parts & Specs for each product? Click here.


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