Better BP for Pets & Vets

When it comes to your pet’s health, we can take the pressure
– because we know they are family too!

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Veterinarian Blood Pressure Monitor

If most of your patients tend to be furry and have four legs, then you can benefit from a reliable way to measure BP that is fast, simple and silent. Utilizing an animal-specific BP algorithm with our motion-tolerant technology, we are dedicated to providing you with the most advanced solutions for reliably and accurately assessing animal BP - an important advancement for pets and vets!

Picture of the SunTech Vet20 Vet BP Monitor

Combining our expertise and experience in creating market-leading blood pressure solutions, we designed this automated BP monitor with an animal-specific algorithm so you can take reliable, accurate measurements on awake or sedated companion animals with no shaving or gel.

Picture of the SunTech Veterinary BP Cuffs

Infection control is a critical part of any patient care setting- impacting even the smallest members of our families - and having the right blood pressure cuff to support your efforts is extremely important. So with our furry friends in mind, we have created a full-line of Vet BP cuffs - specifically created with pets and vets in mind!