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There’s nothing more important than keeping a newborn safe from infection. With that in mind, we’ve created our disposable line of cuffs to fit even the smallest of patients - designed to deliver accurate and reliable BP measurements – when comfort, accuracy and safety matter most.

With all of the same features you’ve come to rely on in our larger-sized disposable BP cuffs - the color-coding, tapered end and soft, flexible materials - these cuffs are the ideal solution for any neonatal patient care setting.



With the Neonatal Soft Disposable BP Cuffs, you can count on us to deliver:

  • Patient Identification: Dedicated location for single patient identification. Minimize cross-contamination.

  • Cuff Standardization Program (CSP): Expertise in standardizing your facility on one cuff connector; one cuff, any patient, any monitor, any department.

  • Economical: Priced to support single-patient use, particularly where infection control is a concern.

  • Patient Comfort: Softer materials, tapered end and rounded edges provide a gentle cuff solution.

  • Ease of Use: Tapered end for easier cuff application. Color-coded for quick size selection. Interior & exterior range indicators ensure accurate cuff sizing and fit.

  • Durability: Value in a durable, single-piece design for multiple inflations.

  • Reliable Performance: 100% leak tested for trust, value, and reliability.

  • Regulatory: Engineered to meet AHA, AAMI-SP10, and MDD guidelines for results you can trust.

  • Latex-Free: 100% latex-free materials promotes patient safety.

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