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Effortless Cuff Sizing for Vet BP

Vet-Cuff-Index-Range-Marker The SunTech Vet BP cuff is comfortable and easy apply to any patient.

Cuff sizing should be easy, unlike the familiar and sometimes tedious process of wrangling a cat with a measuring tape. That is why at SunTech, we designed our vet cuffs with the users in mind. Our goal is to make your blood pressure measurements simple and effortless.

We understand that our monitors and cuffs are often used by busy veterinarians with patients of varying temperaments. So, to get rid of the hassle and to support accurate measurement techniques, SunTech veterinary cuffs are made with an index indicator and range markers to provide an efficient diagnostic experience.

In addition to eliminating the need to fidget with the measuring tape, the indicator tools printed on the vet cuffs also aid in supplying consistent and accurate measurements.  To properly place the cuff, snugly wrap the cuff around the patient’s limb (or tail) and ensure that you can view both the index and range markers. You will know that you have the correct cuff size if the index arrow falls within the 2 lines that represent the sizing range. Finish wrapping the cuff around the limb and secure. Keep in mind, a cuff that is too tight will give you artificially high BP values while a cuff that is too loose will give you artificially low readings. Once the cuff has been effortlessly sized and secured, you can begin your blood pressure measurements.

To make your day a little easier, check out our YouTube vet videos to learn more about our user-friendly cuff designs and how they support proper cuff sizing.


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