World’s Smallest NIBP Modules for EMS Transport Monitors from SunTech Medical

U.S. Military approved Advantage™ modules capable of remote ischemic conditioning

EMS Transport Monitors from SunTech MedicalMorrisville, NC (October 29, 2013) – SunTech Medical Advantage™ OEM non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) modules provide reliable blood pressure measurement for adverse conditions during emergency medical service (EMS) transport . The product line includes the world’s smallest NIBP module, allowing medical device manufacturers to reduce the size and weight of transport monitors and defibrillators to enhance portability.

SunTech Medical Advantage OEM NIBP technologies were developed exclusively for the emergency transport market. The modules offer specific features such as ECG-gating to obtain reliable BP measurements during intense motion in ambulances, medevac helicopters and other EMS and military vehicles. Advantage modules can also support remote ischemic conditioning (RIC), which has been shown to reduce cardiac tissue damage by as much as 30 percent during a cardiac event. SunTech has further developed an innovative deflation technology that shortens measurement time and allows the monitor to meet more stringent water ingress regulations, as well as minimize product size to levels not possible with competing technologies.

Several military transport monitors using SunTech’s proprietary Transport Motion Technology have been approved by the U.S. Army Airworthiness and U.S. Air Force stringent Safe-to-Fly certification programs for reliable performance and durability in fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Advantage OEM modules are also in monitors that have undergone the RTCA DO-160 environmental conditions and test procedures for ruggedness in airborne equipment.

SunTech Medical has been a supplier of non-invasive blood pressure monitoring technology to the EMS transport industry for over 13 years. By developing blood pressure measurement technologies that focus specifically on handling transport motion and critical patients, the company’s blood pressure technology has been designed into more transport monitors than any other manufacturer. to simplify ordering and reduce inventory levels without being locked into a proprietary connector.

For more information on SunTech Medical’s full line of clinical-grade non-invasive blood pressure products and technologies, call 1.800.421.8626 or visit




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