SunTech Medical Passes Testing at 2013 IHE Connectathon

Morrisville, NC (February 12, 2013) - SunTech Medical has successfully passed multiple interoperability tests during 2013 IHE North American Connectathon (Chicago, Ill.)—part of the company's strategy to develop medical products that can easily share data with different electronic healthcare management (EMR) systems.

Information exchange between medical devices and patient EMRs is a well-known industry challenge. The IHE Connectathon provides a setting where medical device manufacturers and software vendors can work towards interoperability and test their solutions face-to-face.

"Our involvement with IHE and their standardized profiles is essential given that our customers need to efficiently and accurately share patient information," said Kenneth Andersen, Marketing VP of SunTech Medical. "We believe that data automation is a big part of healthcare's future, and we are committed to developing products that make such sharing possible."

SunTech engineers completed interoperability tests with multiple information system providers using IHE's standards-based profiles, which facilitate information sharing between devices and EMR systems.

SunTech received verification for the following three IHE integration profiles: CT (Consistent Time) system clock and time stamp synchronization, PDQv2 (Patient Demographic Query) population of patient demographic information based on partial or complete patient name, patient ID, or date of birth, and DEC-1 (Device Enterprise Communication Reporter), which provides consistent communication of vital signs data to the EMR.

The Connectathon is held by IHE International, Inc., a multi-stakeholder effort started in 1997 to promote the effective use of electronic health records and health information technology (HIT) by driving the adoption of standards-based solutions for interoperability.

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