SunTech Medical Unveils New OEM NIBP Technologies Website

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 – SunTech Medical announces a newly redesigned website for their OEM NIBP technologies and services. The new OEM section provides an interactive approach to learning about the company’s various application-specific technologies.

The site improvements are a culmination of ideas that start with the customer: how they discover SunTech Medical, how to best present them with our offered technologies and platforms, and how these offerings help solve their problems and achieve their goals.

“We wanted to redesign the site to appeal to our audience in a way that is relevant to their methods of information gathering,” explains Tony Francisco, Sr. Product Manager for OEM NIBP Modules and Systems. “We hope that our attempt to match our customers’ buying process with our OEM sales process results in a dynamic, efficient and user-friendly experience.”

The new site helps visitors navigate the process by prompting them to first “choose their application.” They are then presented with a list of clinical applications for which SunTech Medical and its partners have crafted proven automated BP measurement solutions, including: Standard Clinical, Home Telemedicine, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Cardiac Stress, Hemodialysis, and Veterinary Medicine.

Visitors are then presented with an option to “customize their solution” where they can build a custom module by selecting different available options for each application and platform. The information can then be printed and/or submitted to “request information or a development kit.

The newly redesigned site also showcases several customers/partners, case studies, OEM Support Team members, and provides additional resources such as white papers, brochures, product FAQs and relevant blog articles. Visit for more information.

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