AtCor Medical Expands Clinical Trials BP Core Lab Offering by Adding SunTech Medical’s Ambulatory Blood Pressure

Comprehensive Blood Pressure Monitoring in Clinical Trials

ITASCA IL and MORRISVILLE NC — July 28 2011 — AtCor Medical (ASX:ACG) the developer and marketer of the SphygmoCor® system, which measures central blood pressures and arterial stiffness noninvasively, and SunTech Medical Inc., a leader in noninvasive blood pressure products and technologies, today announced that they have entered into an exclusive, multi-year worldwide clinical trials distribution and data management agreement. In addition to SphygmoCor systems, AtCor now offers trial sponsors the SunTech Oscar 2 ambulatory blood pressure monitor, the only ABPM device that has been clinically validated to all three internationally recognized standards1.

SunTech technology is especially well-suited for clinical trials, and features the patented Orbit blood pressure cuff, which is specifically designed for ambulatory wear, thus promoting patient comfort and compliance and improving data yield. This expansion of core lab services offers pharmaceutical companies, CROs and other researchers from a single source, greatly improved reliability and quality of information on the effects of drugs on central and peripheral hemodynamics-critically important data in identifying drug benefits as well as potential patient risk.

AtCor Medical provides comprehensive trials support services: technology sales and leasing, trial site training, data quality assurance and best-in-class data management, using the AtCor WISDOM system. The WISDOM system allows real-time data quality assurance through secure, instantaneous transmission of data from the clinical trials site to AtCor’s data management center.

“We are delighted to be working with SunTech," said Duncan Ross, AtCor Medical CEO. “This is an important addition to our portfolio. It will further enhance our relationship with key pharmaceutical customers and build on the strong business fundamentals we have established in the clinical trials market. With this new offering, clinical trials customers can choose from an expansive portfolio that includes noninvasive central blood pressure assessment, pulse wave velocity measurement, heart rate variability testing and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, all backed by AtCor Medical’s best-in-class support services.”

“The clinical trials market offers great opportunity for SunTech and we are pleased to be working with AtCor, the leader in measuring central blood pressure and arterial stiffness,” said Dayn McBee, SunTech CEO. “ABPM provides researchers with information that traditional blood pressure monitoring is incapable of measuring, including: blood pressure variability, overnight dipping and morning surge of blood pressure. With ABPM, trial sponsors obtain a much more complete understanding of drug effects on hemodynamics. SunTech ABPM technology coupled with AtCor site support and data management offers customers a great opportunity for improvement of blood pressure monitoring in clinical trials.”

About SunTech Medical

For over twenty years, SunTech Medical has been the preeminent supplier of clinical grade blood pressure monitoring products and technologies. Over 75 companies trust SunTech Medical's OEM non-invasive blood pressure solutions for their patient monitoring needs. SunTech produces the leading cardiac stress test blood pressure monitor and is the world's foremost manufacturer of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) products. SunTech Medical also offers solutions for in-office BP monitoring as well as a complete line of blood pressure cuffs designed for general and specific applications. For more information, visit

About AtCor Medical

AtCor Medical develops and markets products for the early detection of cardiovascular risk and management of cardiovascular disease. Its technology allows researchers and clinicians to measure central blood pressure non-invasively. The company’s SphygmoCor® system visibly identifies the effects of reflected blood pressure in the central aortic pressure wave, effects which cannot be detected with standard blood pressure monitoring. More than 2,500 SphygmoCor® systems are currently in use worldwide at major medical institutions, research institutions and in various clinical trials with leading pharmaceutical companies. The company’s technology has been featured in over 500 peer-reviewed studies published in leading medical journals. AtCor has operations in Australia, the United States, and Europe. For further information, please visit our web site at

For further information, please contact:

Duncan Ross
AtCor Medical CEO

+1 (630) 228 8873

Doug Kurschinski
Sr. VP – US Commercial Operations

+1 (630) 228 8874

Elliott Holloway
SunTech Medical Marketing Communications Manager

+1 919 654 2366

  1.  British Hypertension Society, European Society of Hypertension International Protocol, AAMI SP10
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