SunTech Medical Launches New All Purpose Cuff Line

August 31, 2010 – Morrisville, NC – SunTech Medical, Inc. announces the updated release of the All Purpose Blood Pressure Cuff (APC) Line.

SunTech’s APC cuffs have been re-engineered with a high-quality nylon material that significantly improves durability, is easier to clean and disinfect with a faster drying time, and is easier to apply.  Additionally, the mechanical strength of the bladder has been increased.   These improvements will extend durability without compromising patient comfort, performance, or the functionality of the cuff.  

“At SunTech Medical, we strive to produce blood pressure products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations,” explains Stephanie Monk, Senior Product Manager.  “With the significant improvements in durability and our exclusive tapered-end design, these cuffs are easier to use, more comfortable for patients and designed to perform in the widest variety of clinical applications.”

The improved APC cuffs will ship standard with all new SunTech 247 orders as well as with any APC orders placed beginning today.   

About SunTech Medical

For over twenty years, SunTech Medical has been the preeminent supplier of clinical grade blood pressure monitoring products and technologies.

Currently, more than 75 companies trust SunTech Medical's OEM non-invasive blood pressure technologies for their patient monitoring systems. SunTech produces the leading cardiac stress test blood pressure monitor and is the world's foremost manufacturer of ambulatory blood pressure monitors. Additionally, SunTech Medical offers blood pressure solutions for in-office BP monitoring as well as a complete line of cuffs designed for general and specific applications. Visit for more information.

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