SunTech Tango+ Blood Pressure Monitor is Selected for 2009 NBA Pre-Draft Camp

Morrisville, NC — June 22, 2009 — SunTech Medical is pleased to announce that its Tango+ automated blood pressure monitor was recently utilized for the physical evaluation of NBA® draftees at the 2009 Pre-Draft Camp held in Chicago, Illinois.

During the physical evaluation phase of the NBA Pre-Draft Camp, the athletes were fitted with ECG electrodes that fed cardiac information into a stress system while running on a treadmill. Vital blood pressure measurements captured by the SunTech Tango+ blood pressure monitor were automatically sent to the system during the stress test allowing more visibility to the athlete’s overall physical condition and exercise tolerance.

SunTech Medical Product Managers Stephanie Monk and Allison Anderson, along with Clinical Manager, Amee Dutko, represented the company and provided training to the staff performing the evaluations.

“The Tango+ allowed the stress technicians to focus on the athletes' vital signs during stress testing and offered the ability to verify a BP reading by listening with the system’s headphones,” stated Allison Anderson. “In addition, technicians appreciated the Orbit-K blood pressure cuff’s special stretch-sleeve design which ensured that the blood pressure cuff remained in place on the arm throughout each stress test.”

The SunTech Tango+ blood pressure monitor uses proprietary motion-tolerant technology to provide reliable, clinical grade automated blood pressure measurements in the presence of noise and patient motion. In addition to blood pressure, the Tango+ provides heart rate and pulse oximetry measurements. The Tango+ provides accurate, reliable, hands-free measurements utilizing auscultatory K-sound analysis techniques. The Tango+ allows you to both see and hear Korotkoff sounds using a real-time waveform display and included headphones.

About SunTech Medical

Located in Morrisville, N.C., SunTech Medical is the world leader in providing clinical grade non-invasive blood pressure monitors and technology. SunTech's product lines include 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring devices, cardiac stress test blood pressure monitoring, an expandable blood pressure monitor and a full line of blood pressure cuffs. The company also supplies OEM NIBP technology to many of the world’s leading medical device companies for a variety of environmental challenges and specialized patient populations. For more information, please visit

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