Morrisville, NC — April 27, 2009 — SunTech Medical, Inc., a leading supplier of motion-tolerant blood pressure monitors and technology, is pleased to announce its partnership with Medifacts International Inc., whereby the SunTech® 247™ Diagnostic Station will be included in Medifacts’ clinical hemodynamic capabilities.

“We are excited to partner with Medifacts to enhance their service offerings in clinical trials for automated clinical grade blood pressure,” states Dayn McBee, CEO, SunTech Medical. “This is yet another application for our products and technology to help in improving healthcare for the benefit of patients everywhere.”

The SunTech 247 is an automated office blood pressure monitor with optional temperature and pulse oximetry modules. The SunTech 247 Diagnostic Station will primarily be used by Medifacts to provide clinical grade blood pressure monitoring allowing for small or large scale clinical trials in clinic and home environments. In the future, SunTech Medical will also provide the company with additional telemedicine capabilities.

“Automated blood pressure is increasingly seen as a preferred alternative to traditional methods of blood pressure measurement in clinical trials,” explains Mike Woehler, President & CEO of Medifacts International, Inc. “The use of this technology provides standardization of equipment, calibration and measurement methodology.”

The SunTech 247 is the world’s first clinical grade automated blood pressure monitor with a manual BP reading mode (Sphyg Mode™) for use with a stethoscope. It provides both an affordable replacement for mechanical gauges and mercury sphygmomanometers and the potential of a vital signs device without the expense. Additionally, the SunTech 247 comes in a variety of mounting options.

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