SunTech Medical Introduces Next Generation of OEM NIBP Module

Morrisville, NC — October 20, 2008 — SunTech Medical launches the Advantage™ A+ OEM Non-invasive Blood Pressure (OEM NIBP) module. Designed with an array of next-generation features, the Advantage A+ is the smallest, most complete module in its class.

"As the market leader in providing OEM blood pressure technology to medical equipment manufacturers, we are excited to release our latest achievement," states Dayn McBee, CEO, "The size and versatility of the Advantage A+ OEM NIBP module provides an extraordinary new platform for future blood pressure products and technology."

The Advantage A+ OEM NIBP module is the size of a standard business card and includes features such as internal automatic modes, low voltage communication protocols and the lowest power consumption in the industry, making this platform ideal for portable and hand-held applications. The Advantage A+ also offers an exclusive advanced motion-tolerance option with an R-wave gated method of acquiring oscillometric blood pressure readings.

"SunTech Medical has developed the Advantage A+ as the platform that will carry OEM NIBP technologies into the future," adds Kenny Andersen, Director of Product Management. "This new platform allows our OEM partners to integrate application-specific NIBP technologies for their most challenging environments and patient populations."

The Advantage A+ is one of a series of three oscillometric OEM NIBP platforms available from SunTech Medical, which also includes the Advantage™ 2.0 and Advantage™ Mini. Find out more about this and other products and technology at

About SunTech Medical

SunTech Medical provides clinical grade non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) products and technology. We offer solutions for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, cardiac stress test blood pressure monitoring, and now a general-use, expandable blood pressure device with temperature and SpO2 upgrades. Our series of OEM blood pressure modules offer customizable NIBP solutions for all clinical applications. Visit us online at

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