Morrisville, NC — September 02, 2008

SunTech Medical's Advantage™ TMT blood pressure technology (OEM NIBP) was recently evaluated in an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) patient transport environment. The evaluation revealed that the SunTech OEM NIBP technology provided quicker and more reliable readings than the market leader.

"SunTech's OEM NIBP technology is used by many of the world's leading EMS medical device manufacturers," states Kenny Andersen, Director of Product Management. "Our job is to fulfill their need for reliable and accurate information in a challenging environment and we're proud to see our technology perform so well."

In most EMS situations, the noise and motion associated with transporting the patient make it difficult to obtain a blood pressure reading. To address this, SunTech Medical developed the Advantage™ TMT (Transport Motion Tolerant) NIBP technology specifically for patient transport applications. The clinical evaluation of this technology was performed in conditions typically encountered by EMS personnel during patient transport in an ambulance. Results of the evaluation showed both technologies performed well when compared to manual reference readings; however, the Advantage TMT technology excelled in head-to-head comparisons achieving a higher success rate of blood pressure measurement during EMS transport conditions while simultaneously achieving the blood pressure results in less time than the market leading device.

These findings indicate that medical device manufacturers now have access to an OEM NIBP technology for their products that performs faster and more reliably than what is currently offered by an established market leader.

To download the whitepaper for the details of the study click here.

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