Morrisville, NC, USA - June 17, 2008

SunTech Medical is pleased to disclose that its Tango+ automated blood pressure monitor was recently utilized for the physical evaluation of NBA draftees at the 2008 Pre-Draft Camp held in Orlando, Florida.

Joe Rogowski, an exercise physiologist for the Orlando Magic®, selected the SunTech Tango+ when he was charged with the responsibility of performing 79 stress test electrocardiograms (ECGs) during the physical evaluation phase of the draft.

Mr. Rogowski commented, "We wanted a seamless process for these exercise stress tests and the SunTech Tango+ really helped us get the blood pressure readings in a reliable and efficient way."

During exercise stress testing, an athlete is fitted with ECG electrodes which feed cardiac information into a testing system as the subject runs on a treadmill. Blood pressure measurement is an essential part of the evaluation. The SunTech Tango+ automated monitor is able to provide accurate and reliable blood pressure readings even in this challenging environment.

SunTech Medical representatives Stephanie Monk, Product Manager, and Rod Thomson, Sales Manager for the SunTech Tango+, represented the company and provided training to the staff performing the evaluations.

The SunTech Tango+ uses proprietary motion-tolerant technology to provide reliable, clinical grade automated blood pressure measurements in the presence of noise and patient motion. In addition to blood pressure, the Tango+ provides heart rate and pulse oximetry measurements.

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