November 18, 2005 - Düsseldorf, Germany

SunTech Medical, Inc., the world leader in motion-tolerant, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring products and technology, launches Cycle™ the next generation in stress blood pressure monitoring specifically for use in bicycle ergometer cardiac stress testing. Cycle is featured at Medica in Hall 9, booth D75.

Cycle Stress BP Monitor offers reliable automatic blood pressure measurements utilizing SunTech's proprietary algorithms. These algorithms provide exceptional performance in high motion environments.

Twenty years of research and development in non-invasive and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring has culminated in products that are today's leaders in auscultatory blood pressure monitoring.

Tango+'s pulse oximetry option works seamlessly with any Tango+ monitor. The headphone option makes Korotkoff sounds crisp and clear allowing the user to verify blood pressure as if they were using a stethoscope.

"Cycle reliably monitors blood pressure allowing you to focus on your patient's performance," according to Dayn McBee, CEO SunTech Medical, Inc. "Cycle interfaces with more than 20 stress ECG systems and when you add the patented Orbit-K™ cuffs, SpO2 and headphone kit options, it makes stress ECG systems a complete and seamless diagnostic testing center."

About SunTech Medical:

SunTech Medical's OEM blood pressure technology is used by many of the world's leading patient monitoring and defibrillator equipment manufacturers. Offerings include algorithms for particular patient environments and conditions including patient transport (ambulance, helicopter, or gurney), patient motion (tremors and spasms) and specific patient populations (dialysis, neo-natal, pediatric, bariatric, or veterinarian). SunTech's finished goods solutions include automated blood pressure monitors for stress and exercise testing, our 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor and general and specialized blood pressure cuffs.