09SpO2 Accessories

Specifications for Nellcor SpO2 Sensors

TypeModelPatient CategoryPart Number
Disposable MAX-A Adult finger (patient size>30kg) 52-0017-00
Disposable MAX-P Pediatric foot/hand(patient size 10-50kg) 52-0017-01
Disposable MAX-I Infant foot/hand (patient size 3-20kg) 52-0017-02
Disposable MAX-N Adult finger or neonatal foot/hand (patient size >40 kg or < 3 kg) 52-0017-03
Reusable DS-100A Adult finger 52-0018-00
Reusable OXI-A/N Adult / neonatal finger 52-0018-01
Reusable OXI-P/I Pediatric / infant finger 52-0018-02


Specifications for Generic SpO2 Sensors (Nellcor compatible)

TypePatient CategoryPart Number
Reusable Pediatric finger 52-0014-00
Reusable Neonatal finger 52-0014-01
Reusable Adult finger 52-0014-03

SpO2 Extension Cable

AccessoryPart Number
SpO2 Extension Cable 52-0014-02

Masimo SpO2 Sensor (Must order directly from Masimo)

TypeModelPatient Category
Reusable DCI / 2501 Adult finger
Reusable DCIP / 2502 Pediatric finger
Disposable Neo / 2514 Infant foot/hand


Masimo SpO2 Extension Cable (must order directly from Masimo)

Extension Cable 2525


NIBP Accessories

Soft Disposable Cuffs - Neonatal

Cuff SizeRange (cm)Part Number
Neonate #1 3-6 98-0414-00
Neonate #2 4-8 98-0414-01
Neonate #3 6-11 98-0414-02
Neonate #4 7-13 98-0414-03
Neonate #5 8-15 98-0414-04


Soft Disposable Cuffs

Cuff SizeRange (cm)Part Number
Infant 8-13 98-0400-40
Child 12-19 98-0400-41
Small Adult 17-25 98-0400-43
Adult 23-33 98-0400-45
Adult Plus 28-40 98-0400-4A
Large Adult 31-40 98-0400-47
Large Adult Plus 40-55 98-0400-4C
Thigh 38-50 98-0400-49


Vinyl BP Cuffs - Reusable

Cuff SizeRange (cm)Part Number
Infant 8-13 98-0600-40
Child 12-19 98-0600-41
Small Adult 17-25 98-0600-43
Adult 23-33 98-0600-45
Adult Plus 28-40 98-0600-4A
Large Adult 31-40 98-0600-47
Large Adult Plus 40-55 98-0600-4C
Thigh 38-50 98-0600-49



DescriptionDetailsPart Number
F3000 Oral/Axillary Temp Probe, 9’ Each 52-0009-00
F3000 Oral/Axillary Isolation Chamber, Blue Each 45-0006-00
F3000 Rectal Temp Probe, 9’ Each 52-0009-01
F3000 Rectal Isolation Chamber, Red Each 45-0006-01
F3000 Disposable Temp Probe Covers (25 boxes/tray, 20 covers/box) 1 tray 98-0131-01
F3000 Disposable Temp Probe Covers (25 boxes/tray, 20 covers/box) 10 trays 98-0130-01
F3000 Calibration Plug Each 52-0011-00



DescriptionDetailsPart Number
10'/3.0m Patient BP Hose, Bayonet to Bayonet Each 91-0028-16
AC Power Cord, Americas Each 91-0003-00
AC Power Cord, Europe Each 91-0003-05
AC Power Cord, UK Each 91-0003-06
Deluxe Mobile Stand Each 46-0040-00
CT40/CT50 Barcode Scanner (USB) with Scanner Mount Each 98-0XXX-00
CT40/CT50 WiFi Dual Band USB Dongle Each 45-0005-00
CT50 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery (custom battery, only purchase from SunTech Medical, Inc.) Each 17-0027-00

Product Specifications


Safety Specifications

According to the MDD 93/42/EEC, the monitor is Type Ⅱb equipment. Classified according to the IEC60601-1 is as follows:

PartsClassification of protection against electric shockDegree of protection against electric shockDegree of protection against ingress of liquidDegree of protection against hazards of explosion 
10'/3.0m Patient BP Hose, Bayonet to Bayonet Each 91-0028-16


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