Watch HAI Animated Video Now

Much has been written lately on the changing landscape of healthcare, and how many hospital executives are targeting quality, safety and infection control as a way to improve outcomes and lower costs. Of particular concern is reducing the occurrence of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) and patient readmissions.

As a manufacturer of disposable blood pressure cuffs, we at SunTech Medical are quite aware of the potential cost implications on a healthcare facility when HAIs occur. We've read a lot of research and articles on HAI costs and the role disposable cuffs can play in combating cross-contamination. Like this one from the RN Journal website.

In an effort to pull some of this information into one place, we've put together a short animated video to help drive awareness that disposable blood pressure cuffs play a key supporting role in helping hospitals improve infection control and patient safety. Have a look at the video below and please, share with your colleagues!