World-Hypertension-Day-H This World Hypertension Day, do you know your numbers?

Yes. At SunTech, we believe that knowing two numbers (systolic and diastolic blood pressure) can help change the world. The better we know our numbers, the better equipped we are to monitor and manage our health. 

We invite you to join SunTech as we celebrate World Hypertension Day on Tuesday May 17th, 2022. World Hypertension Day is an awareness event initiated by the World Hypertension League to emphasize the prevalence and dangers of hypertension, as well as promote healthy practices to monitor and manage the condition. Stay tuned to learn more about this year’s theme of accuracy, control and living longer as we publish our 3-part blog series for World Hypertension Day.

 As a global provider of clinical grade, non-invasive blood pressure technology, SunTech considers it our duty to inform the community on the importance of consistent and accurate blood pressure measurements. We strongly believe that “knowing your numbers” can make a significant impact on the health and lives of so many people. 

On World Hypertension Day, SunTech is planning an internal, blood-pressure focused event. This May 17th, we are encouraging our employees to use our in-office monitors to develop an accurate understanding of their blood pressure and learn about the different methods that can be used to optimize and control this crucial vital sign.

Ahead of this World Hypertension Day, my question to you is, do you know your numbers?