opd plus cuffs

With the launch of SunTech’s innovative PLUS Cuff sizes, here are some of the reasons you should consider changing your blood pressure cuffs. The PLUS Cuffs were designed to specifically target the need to fit a greater range of patients – including bariatric patients, improve measurement reliability, and cut hospital costs and inventory.



More Coverage: Rather than the numerous amount of BP cuff sizes available, PLUS Cuffs were designed to cover 99% the population using only three cuffs. Not only does the PLUS Cuff Family standardize patient sizes from lean to bariatric, they also can be used as thigh cuffs.

Better Measurement: Constructed to the newest American Heart Association guidelines on blood pressure cuff, PLUS Cuffs are validated for arm circumferences ranging from (18-55 cm) unlike ‘Long’ cuffs currently used to cover bariatric patients. With PLUS Cuffs, each clinician can be reassured that the BP reading is accurate.

Reduce SKUs and Inventory: Reducing the number of cuffs needed to fit a population will simplify the process of ordering a range of sizes which may sit in inventory unused. PLUS cuffs can eliminate half of the cuff sizes used to cover a typical adult population.

Stay Flexible: PLUS Cuffs are available in Disposable, Vinyl, or Durable options for any circumstance and also in SunTech’s range of industry standard connector styles.


Check out our PLUS cuff webpage for more details and send us your cuff usage and we will match and quote cuff for cuff.