7 Reasons to Use Disposable BP Cuffs Infographic

We all know it’s necessary, often put it off, sometimes dread it, but eventually – we give in…and schedule our annual physical. After we have been properly weighed and measured, so to speak, we are left to await the arrival of our physician. Following the staccato knock indicating the doctor is entering, he dutifully washes his hands and offers a friendly hello. Long after the disposable protector is removed from the thermometer and forgotten in the trash, he reviews the chart for any obvious issues. Dutifully applying the disposable protector to his otoscope, our ears, eyes and nose are all given a sufficient look. Stethoscope wiped with the appropriate sanitizer, our hearts get a good listen. Hopefully, we soon go home with a clean bill of health and the intention of shedding a few pounds before next year’s appointment.

So, with all of the measures taken to prevent the spread of infection-causing bacteria – from wearing disposable gloves to covering instrumentation with disposable, protective products – why do some healthcare institutions use the SAME, unsanitized blood pressure cuff on patient after patient? When properly taken, a blood pressure cuff is wrapped snuggly around a patient’s bare arm, providing a perfect opportunity for germs to “make the leap!”

The good news is that disposable blood pressure cuffs are not only available, but come with benefits that range from saving costs to saving lives.

7 Reasons To Use Disposable BP Cuffs InfoGraphic