Dr. Oz uses ABPMOn Tuesday, September 22, The Dr. Oz Show explored how stress is destroying women's bodies and revealed an Ultimate Anti-Stress Checklist. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring was used to assess how stress affected a busy mom's blood pressure throughout the day. The data produced an overall blood pressure profile which is a key indicator of her overall health. Dr. Oz pointed out a few hypertensive readings during the test, which were directly related to stressful tasks (e.g. her son spilling candy all over the grocery store).

As a manufacturer of an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring product, it was exciting to see a nationally syndicated show televise a blood pressure study of this nature. This was the perfect forum to illustrate the value of using a 24-hour ABP Monitor to acquire a patient's overall blood pressure profile rather than assessing cardiac health on a single office or home blood pressure reading.

To learn more about ABPM, visit http://www.suntechmed.com/bp-devices-and-cuffs/ambulatory-blood-pressure-monitoring.

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