June 10 – 13, 2016
Paris, France

The meeting will cover a large area of knowledge in the field not only of hypertension but also of other cardiovascular and metabolic disorders related to hypertension. We deem to pay a particular attention to new technologies, such as innovative devices, new communicating tools and biological “omics” research.

The presence of opinion leaders and experts from all around the world shall ensure the success of the meeting. 
We expect a large number of investigators, researchers, specialist physicians and general practitioners from all parts of Europe, but also a special attendance from French speaking countries from other parts of the world. Our friends and colleagues from North, Central and South America, Asia and Australia will also be particularly welcome.

The meeting will be held in Paris, “Ville Lumière”, one of the world’s most attractive destinations.

The Palais des Congrès is located in the west part of the city, close to the Champs-Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe within walking distance from numerous hotels. It is also a well-known location for shows, concerts and stores. Participants should be able to enjoy the beauty of Paris, either before or after the meeting, as well as the rest of France. We cordially invite all of you to join us in the ESH 2016 Paris meeting.

Source: www.esh2016.org